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Ariana Grande says filming Wicked has been a ‘healing’ experience

Ariana Grande says filming Wicked has been a ‘healing’ experience © provided by BANG Showbiz

Ariana Grande says that being on the set of “Wicked” has been “healing.”

Ariana Grande has recently shared that her experience on the set of the upcoming movie version of the popular stage show “Wicked” has been incredibly healing for her. In the film, Grande will be portraying the role of Glinda the Good Witch, at the age of 29, showcasing her talents as both a pop star and actress. The movie is set to be released in two parts, and Grande has been diligently filming in the United Kingdom. Expressing her enthusiasm for the project, she has mentioned that it has positively impacted her in ways she could not have anticipated.

In an Instagram post, she said, “Savoring every last second with my Glinda (even though she’ll always be with me). Every day, she shows me so many new things.

I am thankful to be in Oz, where each day brings transformative experiences that allow me to feel, learn, and grow exponentially in a short span. I am surrounded by so much love and start each day before the sun comes up and end it after it goes down.”

She continued, “My ambition is to contribute my talents to workplaces that prioritize safety, beauty, and love, regardless of whether they are grand or cozy settings. I am deeply grateful to have the opportunity to be mentored by the exceptional director Jon M. Chu, who exemplifies thoughtfulness, brilliance, care, and warmth in a way that is truly unique.” Through this experience, I am discovering and healing aspects of myself that I wasn’t aware needed attention.

According to recent reports, Ariana is currently residing in London as she focuses on her work for an upcoming two-part movie. These reports suggest that she has secured a lavish mansion in the northern region of the UK’s capital city. An undisclosed source shared with The Sun newspaper that Ariana has rented a stunning residence located in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in London.

The residence boasts secluded private grounds, ensuring complete relaxation for the occupant after the filming. The opulence of the house is reminiscent of a palace, exuding an air of luxury.

The talented singer has been cast as Glinda the Good Witch in two highly anticipated films scheduled for release in December 2024 and December 2025. Despite fierce competition, the “7 Rings” crooner secured the coveted role, edging out Amanda Seyfried.

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