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At 23 Years And Counting, This Ohio Chihuahua Is World’s Oldest Living Dog

At least in terms of age, a Chihuahua in Camden, Ohio, is truly top dog with Guinness World Records.

Spike, who was recorded as being 23 years and 7 days old back in December, has recently been dubbed the “world’s oldest living dog” by the records adjudicating body.

The former record-holder, a toy fox terrier named Pebbles, passed away in October, five months before her 23rd birthday.

When Spike first joined the family 13 years ago, his owner, Rita Kimball, said she never imagined her cherished pet would develop into a canine Methuselah. He made the decision to adopt the Kimballs when he was prowling around a nearby grocery store’s parking lot.

According to what it seems like, Spike’s formative years were difficult, Kimball told Guinness World Records.

He appeared to be in rough shape, with blood stains on his neck from a chain or rope, and had been shaved up his back. “The store clerk said he had been there for three days and was being fed scraps.”

The small puppy was 10 years old when the Kimballs discovered him, according to a veterinarian.

Spike was the name Rita Kimball gave him because, according to Guinness, “he had the attitude of a huge dog.

“Although he is affable, she added that he occasionally becomes testy and just wants to be left alone because he is nearly blind and hard of hearing.

Despite his senior age, Spike is still active and frequently strolls around the farm with Kimball.

She remarked, “He visits with the cows, horses, and barn cats in the barn.

He used to attempt to chase the cows and horses when he was younger and intimidate them by barking at them. At this point, they are still and only look at him.

When Kimball saw Jimmy Fallon discuss Pebbles on his show, she realised her dog might be older and that Spike was a record-setter.

The majority of Spike’s family members were aware of his advanced age, but they were unaware that he might eventually surpass all living people, according to Kimball. They view him as a celebrity now that he has the record.

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