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“Behind the Backlash: Decoding the Reality of Brock Lesnar’s Blood Incident”

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What happened after the backlash was over? of the show? We saw Brock Lesnar bleed profusely in the closing movement. Whether that blood was real or fake, we will talk about it, but even after the backlash is over, looking at the manner in which he looks like a face superstar. Seeing the crowd on Brock Lesnar, it seems a little like this. Perhaps the instant touch of his character with his face has diminished inside him that he is taking time to enter the hill that your character is, he is working towards the same super star, but look at this quite a lot. It is good that there is a crowd. But after the match was over, he showed whatever respect he probably had to the crowd there and when anyway one can get such a good reaction then what is the point?

What tweet comes first from Guy’s wife Brady Rode? Please tell that her husband is completely covered in blood, but it is a good thing. That this blood is not his. She is showing Brady Road what her husband has done to Brock Lesnar? By the way, if you will see, whatever scene is going on in WW every day, there are some or the other tweets on her Twitter, so Brandes is quite happy with her husband’s performance here. Khush is happy anyway, the performance of being bad is more swelling, go by his side, being bad for his performance and the smile on his face tells Triple H that he is bad. What a great match delivered. By the way, I do not understand why for many years they were not expecting that the bat bunny would not give a good performance. We move on to our next story and Brock Lesnar is defeated today at Backlash. Due to this a record of 7 years has also been broken. They

What is board? That record was held by Brock Lesnar that whenever there have been non-title matches, the one he lost with the help of a lace pin was in 2016 and it was in the Survivor Series. Nothing like this had happened since Brock Lesnar wrestled Goldberg in a heartbreaking tap match. They were bleeding in the end and their big record was also broken. In a way, Brock Lesnar’s next story from Street Road is related to Guy’s and Brock Lesnar now because it was his turn and it was his first match after Hilton. In this match, we got to see all the things that we used to see in the old one. Here if you would have noticed. Like before this, inside the character of 20, we used to see that as soon as the guy comes, whenever he is getting a chance, he is taking straight suplex suplex towards Suplex City. If I am not wrong, then he hit eight nine suplexes, German suplex and normal suplex mixed everything with a swing, so he is clearly telling us from here that not only the character has changed, but the way he treats Do it to the fans or to the person in front, but they implemented this thing even inside the matches. By the way, this is a very small detail, the viewer takes care even in small things that if the character of the person changes, then he will have to fight.

w changed that too from frolin won today against om os and finally a lot of people who were doubting maybe over that who knows they may lose to moose there is broken prediction video by the way i throly pic for it It was curry. What reaction comes after this, then they are interviewing on the digital exclusive of WWE and they told that it is true because I need to consider it as a store because before that I had not hit stop aap us super store. Name the name.

Told that now I have finished my work. Now I have to move on. Now we have to see the manner in which victory has been achieved. The crowd here is probably assuming that Bhai should now go for the World Heavyweight Championship.

If he goes in the direction of the World Championship, he will be the best for him. Let’s move on guys to our next story and today the role of the man behind that match in Backlash has also been revealed. First of all, if we talk about the match like Diamond Princess and becoming Bad, the match which was completely produced by Jamie Nobel, Nobel, you know, has produced many matches in the past as well. Basically he has been the producer of big matches. now the most interesting thing

Brock Lesnar’s match. Whatever happened in this match, everything happened in a sequence. The guy behind the ending is none other than Michael. This match was produced by him and I see all the spots in it, the story behind it was written like this. Sometimes it is interesting, there is a lot to know and only then I share it with you. Kiss produced when that match is really of a different level. Today the blood line of Roman Reigns descended. There is no crack in the blood line. Will talk a little bit about that too, but here you can see what blood line is common in every family? So it is common that bloodlines within WWE have also become those teams, where more than three siblings or three of them have completed inside a match. Where there is no other partner and before this happened in 1993 from the side of Hart family, it is being told that this issue is being discussed. With blood line I have more and more issues within the blood line, now this thing has been tweeted on my account, now it is like this, want to bring this thing to the attention of the fans or in their high balls and we have seen very big Took the drama that happened in the midst of solo coins and processions, Brother Almost Samvan, don’t know how he realized that he is not my brother, so now let’s see what happens when all the superstars go in front of the Roman range? Because the matches may have been won, but in what manner did they win?

Wasn’t in Backlash but yes eyes will be on full blood match of Roman Reigns. Let us move to our next time final story. Now the question is, was the blood real, was it fake, was it a stage, was it pre-planned, was the cow first of all? So let me tell you that if you feel that there is some use of bleeding here, which

The bullet has become a puzzle inside. Once upon a time, capsules etc. were also quite common. All those things are not used here inside pro wrestling. Even after seeing this in actual close, you will know that the bleeding that has happened is the real one. Now I know as soon as I say this a lot of people will be thinking how is this possible?

Even after having real blood, the medical staff of Dabli was not there, so you are thinking how many professionals are there to do that thing on which movement of the super star’s executive, that means if you try to watch it well in slow motion. Even you will not understand that when it happened, how it happened and the exact thing happens at that point which is planned for there, so brother, this main event spot will always be remembered, I can tell you about it. I am sure that this match was going on for almost 12 minutes, then the Aasi wala khoon bhaya was not going to leave them definitely because of this?

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