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Best High School Cheerleading Teams in the U.S.

The sport of cheering hasn’t always been treated seriously, but the skill and power of high school cheerleaders that take it seriously transcend well beyond camaraderie.

The nation’s finest cheering squads compete each year at the national finals to display their most risk-taking antics. The girls are all amazing athletes with gymnast and dancer talents.

These are the top American high school cheering squads.

Hagerty High School

Florida’s Oviedo is the place.

A 79.6 overall rating in the 2022 National Cheerleading Championships

Regarding the group: The only high school sport with three seasons—football, basketball, and competition—is cheerleading.

The 32 cheerleaders put in a lot of effort throughout the year in an effort to make the 19-member competitive squad. Those who are chosen participate in a specialized training regimen that includes weightlifting workouts once a week to prepare them for the leaps and stunts necessary to compete on the national circuit.

This close-knit Oviedo, Florida, squad may not have won, but they are proud of what they did and will undoubtedly return to face off against Bartram Trail High opponents.

Bartram Trail High School

Location: St. Johns, Florida

A 79.6 overall rating in the 2022 National Cheerleading Championships

About the team: Danielle Parker, the head cheer coach at Bartram Trail High, has long been a source of pride for the school. Members of the squad are required to keep up high grades, and they may start trying out as early as seventh grade.

Even though they “only” tied for 15th place in the 2022 finals, their perseverance and hard work paid off because they were able to get that far.

Legend High School

Location: Parker, Colorado

2022 National Cheerleading Championships score: 83.4

About the team: The Titans attend public school Legend High School, which offers cheering among its 26 varsity sports.

That’s quite outstanding given that Parker’s first high school since Parker High School shuttered in 1958 didn’t open until 2008.

Winter Park High School

Location: Winter Park, Florida

2022 National Cheerleading Championships score: 83.4

The team’s head coach, Angela Baney Austin, has helped the varsity cheer squad at Winter Park High School become a significant threat for a very long time.

After a protracted winning run, the squad finished nationals in 2022 tied for 13th place. Austin was named coach of the year.

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