google-site-verification=4ughixIuTRnLcSaPAOoQudexoumFVsL4qi6UJDvlUc8 Biden delivers 'Christmas address' from White House warning against 'mean' politics.Biden delivers 'Christmas address' from White House warning against 'mean' politics. - Trending News

Biden delivers ‘Christmas address’ from White House warning against ‘mean’ politics.

In what the White House referred to as a “Christmas address,” President Joe Biden encouraged cooperation, introspection, and kindness as 2022 draws to a close.

There is so much that unites us as Americans—so much more that unites us than divides us—that Biden expressed the hope that “this holiday season can drain the poison that has contaminated our politics and turned us against one another” and usher in “a fresh start for our nation.”

“Our politics have become so divisive, hateful, and hostile that we too frequently view one another as rivals rather than as neighbours, Democrats or Republicans, or fellow citizens. We’ve split up too much “said he. “Despite how difficult these times have been, there are some encouraging signs all around the nation if we look a bit closer. America has long been known for its resilience, power, and determination. We are undoubtedly moving forward.”

“Things are getting better. COVID no longer controls our lives. Our kids are back in school. People are back to work,” he continued. “So, my hope this Christmas season is that we take a few moments of quiet reflection, find that stillness in the heart of Christmas, that’s at the heart of Christmas, and look, really look at each other not as Democrats or Republicans, not as members of Team Red or Team Blue, but as who we really are.”

As he pointed out that 50 years ago this week, he lost his first wife, Neilia, and newborn daughter, Naomi, in a vehicle accident while his family was out Christmas tree shopping, Biden noted that the holidays can be a time of “great sadness and awful loneliness” for many Americans.

What he said was, “No one can ever know what someone else is going through. This is something I learnt long ago.” “Because of this, sometimes even the tiniest deeds of compassion can mean a lot. a modest smile A hug. an unanticipated call. A calm coffee cup. Simple deeds of kindness have the power to comfort, uplift, and perhaps even save lives.”

The White House previewed that the speech would concentrate on “what connects us as Americans, his hope for the year ahead, and wishing Americans joy in the new year.”

“We are incredibly fortunate to call this country home. And I sincerely hope that we take the time to look out for one another, rather than at one another “added Biden. So let’s show a little kindness this Christmas, he said.In a stirring speech to Congress before to Vice President Biden’s, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy recalled the Battle of the Bulge at Christmastime in World War II and reminded Americans of shared ideals during the holiday season while Russia continues its bloody invasion of Ukraine.

“Brilliant Ukrainian warriors are doing the same to Putin’s forces this Christmas,” Zelenskyy added. “Just like the heroic American soldiers who maintained their lines and pushed back Hitler’s forces during the Christmas of 1944.”

“American citizens, please join me in wishing you a Merry Christmas in two days. Perhaps candlelight. No, not because it’s more romantic, but more because there won’t be any electricity “He went on. “We’ll have a Christmas party. Celebrate Christmas and the light of our self-belief will not go out, even if there is no electricity.”

The speech has been compared to Winston Churchill’s speech to Congress 81 years ago, in which he asked for American assistance in fending off the German invasion of Europe.

“I want to express my gratitude to you all throughout this unique Christmas season. I give thanks to every family in America who treasures the warmth of their home and wishes the same warmth to others “said Zelenskyy.

As Senate senators come to an agreement on the enormous $1.7 trillion government budget measure, which includes $45 billion for Ukraine, Biden made his remarks on Thursday. Days before they assume control of the chamber, House Republicans are opposing that financing.

The president warned of the “dangerous” winter weather conditions affecting the nation earlier in the day from the Oval Office, urging anybody intending on travelling for the holidays to “leave now” before the situation worsens.

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