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Dances between King Charles and Anne Frank’s stepsister.

The stepsister of Anne Frank, who has spent decades preaching peace and escaped Nazi death camps, danced on Friday with King Charles III.

A Jewish community centre in north London hosted a Hanukkah celebration where Eva Schloss, 93, and the king danced together.

She remarked, “He was sweet, he really participated, and he seemed to like it. He appeared to be at ease.

King Charles visited the JW3 community centre and addressed students who were assembling food baskets and gifts for Camden-area residents.

According to Dame Vivian Duffield, she started JW3 so that London’s Jewish community would have a place to congregate to preserve and celebrate their heritage.

“Unfortunately, there is still anti-Semitism – people say Jewish people should go to Israel, this is England,” Ms. Schloss added. “However, I hope that these biases are fading away.”

“Even though England is one of the richest nations in the world, we still deal with poverty. I’m hoping King Charles will be able to help with this issue in some small way.

“I’m hoping he can help fight bigotry and make life easier for everyone. He is a really good king, in my opinion.

One of the chefs sank to her knees in joy as King Charles entered the kitchen where a group of teenage immigrants were preparing biscuits for the Christmas baskets.

“To be honest, I can’t define the feeling,” she admitted later. I was in awe when I saw him in person. I’m glad I was able to meet him since it was a pleasant sensation.

According to Raymond Simonson, chief executive of JW3, the king arrived with a car boot full of rice and tuna cans for the donation packs.

“The volunteers arrived and removed it from the vehicle before packing it up. I’ll remember that for a while,” he declared.

“We serve 200 households in the Camden region, and during Christmas they didn’t have enough food, but now they have food from the king and our volunteers.

“The majority of British Jews, he continued, are from refugee backgrounds, and their encounter with the monarch affirms their status in British society.

He continued, “When you see the king coming and wishing us a merry Hanukkah, it tells people that the guy in the highest seat accepts us.

“It’s been 365 years since we were allowed back in after being kicked out, and to know that we are safe and protected here… that is so important to people.

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