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Gautam Singhania, billionaire who just sold KamaSutra brand, owns Rs 6,000 crore house, net worth is…

Business tycoon Gautam Singhania serves as the chairman and managing director of the Raymond Group. He is a well known manufacturer and businessman in India, having been born on September 9, 1965. Singhania comes from a family with a long history of business ownership, and he has carried on the tradition. His net worth is $1.4 billion.

Singhania completed his elementary education in Mumbai before relocating to the United States for his post-secondary studies. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in business administration. After finishing his schooling, he went back to India to work for the Raymond Group, a business started by his grandfather Lala Kailashpat Singhania in 1925.

The Raymond Group has developed significantly over time and has become a major conglomerate in India under Gautam Singhania’s direction. The company has expanded into a number of industries, including as textiles, engineering, and real estate. One of the world’s major manufacturers of worsted suiting textiles is Raymond in the textile industry. While the real estate division has developed numerous residential and commercial properties throughout India, the engineering division is engaged in the production of auto components. After Antilia, owned by Mukesh Ambani and the most expensive property in the world, which is valued Rs. 6,000 crores, he resides at JK property, the second most costly residence in India.

In addition to the role he plays in the Raymond Group, Gautam Singhania is well-known for his passion for auto racing and automobiles. He is a fervent fan of automobiles and has taken part in a great deal of racing competition both in India and beyond. As a substance of fact, as a result of his racing accomplishments, he holds a few world records. Gautam Singhania has recently been in the news for announcing his departure from the condom selling company Kama Sutra.

Gautam Singhania Father

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Gautam Singhania father name is Vijaypat Singhania. Marwari industrialists Vijaypat Singhania and Ashabai Singhania raised their son Gautam. In 1986, Gautam Singhania began working for the Singhania family business, the JK Group.

Gautam Singhania Wife

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On January 1, 2020, Nawaz Modi Singhania, the wife of business magnate Gautam Singhania, became 51 years old. Among her many talents are those of an artist, fitness trainer, yogi, spiritualist, keynote speaker, and source of inspiration for her audiences. Here she reveals the fitness and creative practices that keep her unique and beautiful.

Gautam Singhania Son

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The firm and its early growth were the brainchild of Vijaypat Singhania. Since then, in an effort to broaden the group’s income base, his son Gautam has led it into other industries.

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