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Iconic Machu Picchu closed over Peru protests

Peruvian authorities claim that Machu Picchu tickets can be refunded.

Because to the continuous demonstrations against the government of Peru, the popular tourist destination Machu Picchu has been shut down indefinitely.

The government claimed that it made the choice to safeguard both tourists and its own people.

At the moment, hundreds of people—mostly foreigners—are said to be stranded at the site’s base.

After the previous leader was overthrown, months of violent protests broke out, leading to the deaths of dozens of people.

The marchers want new elections, which the newly elected President Dina Boluarte has so far refused to call for, as well as their resignation.

Roads were blocked during the most recent conflicts, and police in Lima, the country’s capital, sprayed tear gas at stone-throwing protesters.

The protests have disrupted transportation services to and from the monument, and the visitors stuck at Machu Picchu are the most recent victims.

Saturday’s closure follows the suspension of rail service to the location after protesters destroyed the track.

The culture ministry of Peru announced that people who had already purchased tickets would be able to use them for one month following the conclusion of the demonstrations or receive a refund.

After protests in Puno’s southern region where police stations were set on fire, authorities reported on Saturday that another demonstrator had passed away.

In the most recent clashes, at least 58 Peruvians have suffered injuries.

The extensive acts of violence and the police’s “disproportionate” use of force have both been denounced by the European Union.

As a means of ending the situation, the EU urged the government and all other political actors to “take urgent actions to restore calm and ensure an open discourse with the participation of civil society and affected communities.

“Demonstrators are calling for Ms. Boluarte to resign and call new elections as well as the release of her left-wing predecessor, Pedro Castillo.

The president’s resignation has also been demanded by a few regional governors.

Years of political unrest in the nation culminated last month when Mr. Castillo was detained for attempting to dissolve Congress.

He is under investigation for alleged conspiracies and insurrection. He insists that he is still the lawful president of the nation and refutes all of the allegations.

Ms. Boluarte has defied calls for her resignation and earlier this week urged Peruvians to hold peaceful protests.