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Kanye West declares his 2024 presidential campaign and appears to advocate for a Christian theocracy.

Kanye West took advantage of being permitted back on Twitter on Thursday night to officially announce his 2024 bid for president, just as much of the United States was relaxing into a well-deserved tryptophan nap.

Further important recordings, however, that hinted at conflicts and displeasure inside the Trump-Kanye team as well as more information about who may have attended the controversial Mar-a-Lago dinner earlier this month, were scattered among clips of floating orbs with the phrase “YE 24.”

Yeezy’s Los Angeles headquarters, where West is sitting and speaking with far-right s***-stirrer Milo Yiannopoulos, who chuckles, nods, and makes faces in response to West’s words, in the first video he shared, which he captioned with the hashtag #YE24.

The rapper-designer recounts a somewhat heated dinner with the former president in the video before advocating for laws based on the Bible.

Trump was particularly irritated when I asked him to be my vice president, West says as Yiannopoulos watches. “I believe that was lower on the list of surprises for him,”

The interaction the two had while visiting the former president’s Florida resort is further described by West. West called Unite the Right demonstrator Nick Fuentes a “loyalist” and claimed that Trump was “very impressed with him.”

Then, according to West, he criticizes Trump: “My question is, why did you not release the January Sixers when you had the chance? Images of Lewandowski, Karen Giorno, Roger Stone, and Alex Jones appear on the screen. “I said, go and get Corey [Lewandowski] back, go and get these guys who the media attempted to cancel,” the man says.

Then, Kanye appears to turn against his formerly influential pal, criticizing how he handled this frank discussion. West claimed that Trump attempted to intimidate him and used derogatory language toward his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, who had battled for the release of several federal prisoners, including Alice Johnson. Despite the ongoing public conflict between the ex-couple, West didn’t seem too pleased with the harsh words he used to characterize Kim, which he bleeps out in the video.

West remarked, “He basically gives me this would-be mob-esque kind of scenario. Talking to this kid from the South Side of Chicago trying to sound mobby or something, he goes into this story about all that he went through to free Alice Johnson, and how he didn’t do it for Kim, but he did it for me. He continues by saying, however, “Kim is [bleep], and you may tell her I said that.” That woman is the mother of my kids, I was thinking.

The video’s conclusion, where West appears to call for a Christian theocracy in the United States, may be its most alarming section. We’re going to insist that you hold all of your policies according to the Bible because we know that Trump is a conservative, as do all the Christians in America who support him.

Evidently, Ye’s comeback to politics did not sit well with Trump. At the table, Trump began to yell at me, essentially telling me I would lose. Has anyone in history ever experienced success with that? He laughs. “Hold on, hold on, you’re talking about Ye,” I said.

The discussion took place during their earlier this month trip to Trump’s club in Florida. According to The Daily Beast, West brought Fuentes to the meeting. Later on Thursday night, the rapper appeared to confirm this information in a tweet by tweeting a screen shot of a text conversation mentioning the dinner and mentioning Fuentes’ presence.

West tweeted an article from the right-wing news outlet on Friday morning that appeared to be an exclusive and confirmed that West, Fuentes, Yiannopolis, and former Trump adviser Giorno were present at the dinner where Trump was to be honored.

Kanye West was a last-minute visitor that Trump mentioned in a statement to Axios: “Kanye West very much wanted to come Mar-a-Lago. Kanye and I had planned to have dinner alone, but he showed up with a visitor I had never met before and knew nothing about.

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