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Madonna Postpones ‘Celebration’ Tour After ‘Serious Bacterial Infection’

Due to a bacterial ailment, 4has postponed her festival trip. On behalf of TMZ, I’d like to post this tweet right here. While he’s saying this, her management posts a message to social media along with an update on the singer. Because it was caused by Madonna getting a dangerous bacterial infection on Saturday, June 24, I want to post it here on Live Now from Fox and read it to you in its entirety.
have to spend many days in the ICU. Although he is still receiving medical attention, his health is getting better. We will have to put off all commitments, including travelling, in the hopes that he will make a full recovery at this time. As soon as we have further information, such as updated tour start dates and rescheduled events, we’ll let you know. So, the fact that she is coming back as Madonna is undoubtedly a major story—and perhaps even a good one.
In that statement, she said, “I am delaying at least a portion of my festival world tour, which starts next month, as I take time to recover from this health care.” even though his health is getting better. upcoming tour date for Madonna. The Celebration Tour was supposed to start on July 15 in Vancouver, Canada, and conclude on July 18 with two performances in Seattle. The rest of the United States and Canada were to be visited during the tour.

Madonna announced extra performances in the US for December and January before departing for Europe in early October. These were followed by four shows in Mexico City. So there will undoubtedly be some significant news on Fox on Madonna’s recovery from the severe bacterial infection we were witnessing.

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