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“Messi’s Destiny: Barcelona or Inter Miami? While Kante Eyes Al-Ittihad Transfer”

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I had made a tweet last evening and asked in it what is the update on Messi? Actually because as far as I am reading, conflict in reports are coming everywhere. Sometimes it is coming that the message is ready to join Barcelona, sometimes it is coming that there is an offer, sometimes it is coming that it is too late and I am not willing to wait, sometimes it is here that a player has to be sold. QUICKLY THERE NEEDS TO BE NOW BIG SALE Messi’s barcelona return possible and then it comes that al hilal who are on stand by that if messi doesn’t wait for barcelona obviously ali lal is there . They will get MIAC and then suddenly this update comes that in term IIME.

His interest has suddenly come and Messi may even go to the army in Inter, so very strange reports are coming. There are conflicts in reports, something cannot be said here. Means you can definitely say that it is going on like a real football match, which way will it go? yeah stand by pay hai clubs but one thing i don’t understand. Till now the thing that was this was simple, Barcelona in front of us.

The picture is fine, on the front foot. Barcelona at this time weather negotiating pharmacy and if Barcelona is not a solution. If it is able to find it, it will go to Al Hilal. There have already been talks with Messi and Al Hilal, but how did we come to Inter? Suddenly in all this, there was no Aami anywhere in the middle. Till 3-4 days back, I do not understand what happened all of a sudden and every journalist is giving different reports, so I am very confused as to what is going on?

But again at the end of the day I think jo fans hote hote, jo hum log hote hote, as I told you in the case of Ugaday wale abhi hai hum bahut hai, hum bahut usp bharosa dil se. Whatever report is coming, I think it is best to take your eyes off it and whatever confirmation is there, it will come to us. In around 24 to 48 hours, what do those who are absolutely elite sources say? Take a look at that one more time.
We will weigh him once, what is his take on it, because if we track each and every thing, every half an hour in one hour, then it means that we are playing with our emotions. It’s simple, I don’t like the thing. To be honest, because ye koi ace? True normal is not your transfer. Summer window will be this is Leo Messi that we are talking about, we all want to know what will happen in this transfer. But in this way when mean reports are coming that Messi.

His wife wants him to go to USA and Messi and Mac want him to go to Saudi Arabia or they are waiting for Barcelona, so very strange thing. Why is this someone lying? See if whatever happens in this, whatever happens, suppose I have such rains, go to Al Hilal or go to Inter, anything happens. Al Hilal and Inter have army sources, then what do they mean, then what is their credibility? Is this a matter of fact or it may be that no one knows anything actually and everyone is talking in airs. That too can be a possibility or I am actually waiting to take the decision or they have made their decision. They just want to see how quickly Barcelona can sell players or whatever they can do to get someone with the financial conditions they want to satisfy.
These are some things that are beyond my understanding. If you understand then please tell me in the comments box, because I am asking you this question because I myself do not understand actually, because I was very confident that I would come to Barcelona when that green light was found. . There will be so many complications from La Liga, but in this it is a very strange thing.

And if the green light was given then it means then how is it taking so much time and then what is the reason that I am not willing to wait means it has already started. Technically the season is not even over yet. The season will end on June 10. Transfer windows haven’t even started in some places after the Champions League final. Till now, what is this whole matter, I am not able to understand it. Mere to guys please you will tell me in the common section. If you understand what will happen and what is your feeling that they will actually see in Orville.

Now sealing. If we are talking about Saudi Arabia from Saudi Arabia, then Conte is set to sign for Ittihad, they have brought Benzema now and will bring Conte as well. The season’s salary will be at 100 million euros. How can anyone turn down this offer? Obviously Kante wanted to stay here when it came to initial contract negotiations and Kante wanted to stay at Chelsea.

The contact was not signed at the time and Chelsea are not offering a longer contract. Wanted to give Kante because obviously he has injury concern and he is also getting old, so even after surgery, when he came back fit, then he got injured, so he had a lot of doubts about that thing.

But when such an offer comes and here I was reading that you mean on and there are a couple more players that Saudi Arabia wants to assign Wilfrid Jahan to Al Nasir, links were coming from Al Nasr, where did That signing has also taken place, so it means that Saudi Arabia is also making its league better and bringing players. This would be very interesting. Will the players who are there in the coming time actually stop?
Will stay in their leagues or where they are playing. Because China didn’t do that. Something similar is happening in between that the talents who are in their prime will now leave and go to Saudi Arabia. It may happen that at present such players are coming who might have been getting the last contract. The last contract of his career was to see Saudi Arabia. Such a massive salary is tempting him and he is doing better than the standard of his league too, definitely and if you have money, if you have financial muscle then I think there is no problem in flexing it.

So 100 million euros a season is pretty much a u mangas salary package and how can you match it, complete it but for me contact lawless also HLC legend and I hope he goes there and means Also he has to play any kind of football and whatever career he wants now, further he plays out his career in that way, so my best wishes are with him and I wish that his career end up strong.
And getting another chance to earn such a huge amount of money, so I think, it’s a good decision and obviously we also had to move on. Time has become a matter of Kante and Messi. Now let’s talk about what’s going on, another news is coming, the transfer of the word has collapsed, the word is that he will not go to Real Madrid. Just now such news has come. There is also news that Real Madrid will now divert a little of its attention towards Harry Kane. Real Madrid didn’t know yet whether Hurricanes exist or a striker like Harrigan.

In the Premier League or they thought it was just words. What does striker number one mean in the Premier League, why has it collapsed all of a sudden and why? Now all of a sudden the attention has come on the hurricane or does it mean that such a thing happened? Because I don’t even think so. Negotiations must have taken place by now. Whatever collapses happen in Chelsea and Real Madrid. Means there must be some stocks for the collapse to happen. Tox collapses. When the talk did not take place then what is the collapse? So I don’t understand this thing too, so what is it in words that the interest in Real Madrid was made up.

The room was built just like this. Just an interest should come from the journalist side of the audience or else it has actually collapsed. Something was behind the scenes or Real Madrid’s internal strategy changed. At the last moment, this is the transfer window. Anything can happen anytime and I would just say this to you that whatever you are reading, don’t trust it blindly. Till then
Absolutely David on Stein Fabrizio should not come from these people, did not give any confirmation at all. Brother, yes, it has already happened. Now the signing is completely pin point, don’t believe until the photo comes with the player’s jersey or he gets soaked, because nothing can be said that where this transfer will go. Now you will definitely tell me about Messi. What do you think in the comment section? What is the situation? And to some extent gave me an idea because it is becoming very difficult for me. All the transfer roomers and so much is happening together brother, it is not known what will happen from what?

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