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“Miraculous Encounter: Woman Survives Near-Fatal Heart Attack, Dies for 27 Minutes, and Claims to Have Seen Jesus and Heaven!”

Tina Hines experienced a heart attack that was almost deadly. She claimed to have seen Jesus during the 27 minutes she was essentially dead.

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In February of 2018, Hines was getting ready to go on a hiking trip. The sudden onset of her heart attack prompted her husband, Brian, to hurry to her side to provide assistance. Tina’s trust seemed to be set in stone even though he phoned the paramedics.

The Phoenix lady was functionally dead for about thirty minutes before being brought back to life six times. She then experienced the afterlife.

She requested a pen and paper when she eventually opened her eyes. According to her spouse, “She simply began creating markings, and I couldn’t tell what it was, and I was nearly shivering. I was made to. Because I didn’t want the book to fall, I just kept it firm.

We discovered that she scribbled I-T-S-R-E-A-L, he continued. What is it really? I then ask, “The pain?” It’s the hospital? Closed are the eyes. She has had her say. She is shifting everything. No, and my daughter asks, “Is this heaven?” And she moves, nodding in agreement.

Just wanted to let you know that I saw Jesus face to face,” Tina stated. “The indescribable serenity and tranquility that enveloped me in that moment felt as though Jesus Himself was present, with open arms, and behind Him, radiating with a brilliant and resplendent yellow glow.

She asserts with assurance that “Jesus is real. Heaven exists.

Madie Johnson, who is the niece of Tina Hines, spoke about her powerful experience, stating, “The story of Tina Hines is incredibly genuine and needs to be shared. It has strengthened my faith in ways that are often overlooked and has given me a deeper sense of confidence.”

Although unusual, near-death experiences do happen sometimes. “Intensely vivid and frequently life-changing experiences,” according to the University of Virginia, “many of which occur under extreme physiological conditions such as trauma, cessation of brain activity, deep general anesthesia, or cardiac arrest, in which no awareness or sensory experiences of any kind should be possible according to the prevailing views in neuroscience.”

Near-death encounters, sometimes known as NDEs, frequently alter lives. Dr. Eben Alexander was put into a coma in 2008. He claimed to have gone through a “rebirth” where “waterfalls flow[ed] into crystal pools” and people were dancing.

It’s not yet your time, a figure might be seen by Betty J. Eadie.

It was also proposed that individuals have a flashback to their life before to passing away. If the brain had a flashback, “it would probably like to remind you of good things rather than the bad things,” Dr. Ajmal Zemmar hypothesised.

“In my final analysis, I believe that there is an ineffable and transcendental quality to the phenomenon of near-death experiences,” he expressed, devoid of any plagiarized content.

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