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Mitch McConnell’s Wife Elaine Chao Wants Media to Stop Repeating Trump’s ‘Racist Taunt’ About Her (Video)

Elaine Chao, the wife of Mitch McConnell, is pleading with the media to refrain from covering Donald Trump’s “racist remark” about her, claiming that if the roles were reversed, the media wouldn’t use inappropriate terms like the N-word.

In order to examine the ongoing Southwest Airlines crisis, Chao, who served as Trump’s secretary of transportation during his administration, sat down with CNN on Thursday. On Wednesday, Trump made racist remarks about her on the social media site Truth Social. She was then questioned about those remarks.

Regarding Trump’s remarks and the media’s focus on his “racist taunts,” Chao said that if the media had used the N-word, they wouldn’t have repeated it.

Well, Chao said, “I think it would be really beneficial if the media would not repeat that racist comment. “Any other word, including the N-word, would not be repeated by the media. However, the media keeps reiterating his racial slur. He is thereby attempting to provoke us. He says all kinds of ridiculous things, and I don’t bother to respond to any of them.”

“Something is wrong with Mitch McConnell because of all the awful and almost automatic “surrenders” he makes to the Marxist Democrats, such on the $1.7 trillion “Ominous Bill,” which could have been stopped by raising the debt ceiling or made MUCH better in the Republican House. No one could be this foolish, “Trump stated in his article before calling Chao a disparaging epithet.

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