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Regarding the rumour that she stole Prince Harry’s virginity, Elizabeth Hurley.

He got shagged by someone other than her.

Prior to the publication of Prince Harry’s explosive memoir, Elizabeth Hurley is attempting to clear her name.

The 57-year-old “Austin Powers” star was asked by the Saturday Times magazine if she was the unnamed “beautiful older woman in the countryside” who Prince Harry, 38, allegedly lost his virginity to when he was a youngster.

The information purportedly appears in “Spare,” his 416-page autobiography, which will be released on January 10.

“Not me. I’m innocent. Ha!” Hurley said to the source. “No. Not me. Definitely not.

Richard Fitzwilliams, a royal analyst, has told the Daily Mail that “the implications of this would be far-reaching and may be quite catastrophic.”

On October 20 in Madrid, Elizabeth Hurley attends the “Cancer Ball” Charity Dinner hosted by Elle Magazine at the Royal Theater.

On January 10, Prince Harry, 38, will publish his substantial memoir “Spare.” WireImage / Samir Hussein.

In response to the charges made in the documentary, including Harry’s claim that William yelled at him in front of Queen Elizabeth during a discussion about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex leaving the royal family in 2020, Prince William is apparently “done” with his younger sibling.

These topics are anticipated to be covered in the upcoming book as well.

It won’t make for a nice family Christmas, to put it simply, a source recently told the Daily Mail.

Even the title of the novel sparked rumours that it alludes to Harry’s lifetime status as William’s “spare” heir.

Fitzwilliams claims that the title “implies that [Harry] was not cherished or… that he did not feel at the centre of proceedings” and that it is “sensational.”

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