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Ronaldo’s record-tying goal for Portugal was disallowed by World Cup technology.

According to Qatar 2022 technology, Cristiano Ronaldo won’t be given credit for a goal against Uruguay, thus he will have to wait a little longer to tie Eusebio as Portugal’s all-time leading scorer in World Cup history, Adidas announced on Tuesday.

The 2022 World Cup ball was made by Adidas, and it has an internal sensor that enables referees to monitor touches and player positions throughout the competition. In Portugal’s 2-0 victory on Monday at Lusail Stadium, that technology revealed he didn’t touch the ball for a goal, which he celebrated as his own.”Using the Connected Ball Technology housed in Adidas’s Al Rihla Official Match Ball, we are able to conclusively show no contact on the ball from Cristiano Ronaldo for the opening goal in the game,” the sportswear company stated in a statement. “In the match between Portugal and Uruguay.

“The absence of a “heartbeat” in our measurements indicates that no external force could be observed on the ball. We can perform our research with high accuracy because to the 500Hz IMU sensor inside the ball.”

Ronaldo seemed to inquire of a representative if he was given credit for the goal. He then grinned and praised the accomplishment. The goal scorer was subsequently identified as Fernandes after his face displayed on the scoreboard. Ronaldo thought he tied Eusebio’s men’s record of nine goals, which is what caused his celebration. Ronaldo had eight goals in his prior World Cup outings with Portugal.

In overtime, Fernandes added a second goal with a penalty kick and was given the game’s player of the match award. He said it didn’t “really matter” who scored the goal during a post-game press conference. He added that he believed Ronaldo had touched the ball.

Portugal is 2-0 at the World Cup and has secured a berth in the Round of 16 of the knockout stage. At 10 a.m. EST on Friday in Ar Rayyan, Ronaldo and Portugal will play South Korea in their final Group H match.

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