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Southern California has a proclaimed drought emergency.

15 December (UPI) Officials have warned the millions of inhabitants in Southern California that water conservation measures may become required if conditions don’t improve in advance of a fourth straight year of drought.

According to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, its board of directors declared a regional drought emergency on Tuesday, requiring its 26 agencies—which provide water to about 19 million people—to reduce their water use or face heavy fines.

Adel Hagekhalil, general manager of the MWDSC, stated in a statement, “Since this drought started, we have been continuously raising our call for conservation. “We will need to go to our highest level, a water supply allocation for all of Southern California, if we don’t have a particularly wet winter. It will be possible to decrease the potential severity of such an allocation by engaging in significant and immediate conservation now and in the upcoming months.”

Due to insufficient water production, Southern California imports supplies from the Colorado River and the State Water Project, which together provide approximately 60% of the region’s water needs.

Long-lasting draughts that have been made worse by climate change have put a strain on supplies from both sources. The water agency had issued its first-ever emergency declaration for a water shortfall in April.

Hagekhalil forewarned that the State Water Project’s supply, which is supplied by the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers, might be reduced to a “trickle” at the beginning of this month. Additionally, the utility declared on Wednesday that it was being ready for further decreases in Colorado River supplies.

Everyone in Southern California must take action to stretch the minimal water we have, according to Hagekhalil, who noted that both of our imported water sources have decreased.

Our initial appeal for greater region-wide conservation will be voluntary, but Metropolitan may enact a water supply distribution plan for its entire service area, requiring mandatory limitations across the region, if we don’t receive significant precipitation this winter.

Governor Gavin Newsom has repeatedly announced investments and regulations to de-stress supplies as California has battled a record drought for years.He urged state-wide businesses and residents to cut their water use by 15% from 2020 levels in July of last year.

Gloria Gray, board chairwoman, stated that “several Southern Californians may have felt somewhat shielded from these terrible weather over the past few years.” “They should no longer. All of us are impacted.”

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