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Star Wars? What’s that?

credit to getty

Have you ever watched stat wars? This was embarrassing.

Ah dang it you got me l’ve never seen Star Wars never seen it I’ve never seen the original Star Wars or Empire of Return of the Jedi I’ve never seen any of the prequels or any of the sequels I haven’t seen any of those Standalone movies like Rogue One or solo I heard there’s streaming shows on Disney Plus now I mean I’ve heard people kind of talk about them but I don’t know I don’t know what any of that is l’ve never dreamed of flying an x-wing or swinging a lightsaber or being some cool scoundrel or space smuggler I’ve never roped my family into seeing the movies I’m not into any Star Wars toys never read any of the High Republic books. I’ve never traveled to any big Star Wars conventions. l’ve never been hired by lucasfilm to help promote their video games, books or consumer products. I’ve never had disney fly me down to Florida to spend may the 4th down in Galaxy’s Edge I meas, I don’t know maybe someday I’ll see it tonight though because i’ve been invited to some red carpet thing I don’t know Mando Ryan it’s good

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