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strong winter storm

Parts of the USA are at danger from a fierce winter storm that will bring strong winds and lots of snow. Donald Trump’s special master lawsuit about Mar-a-Lago records was dismissed by the judge. Are foods that have gone bad a safe method to reduce your grocery bill?

Spoiler alert, but, first! Did you watch “The White Lotus'” season finale?

Strong winter storm threatens blizzard conditions as it sweeps across the US.

You all need to bunker down and bundle up. On Monday, a severe winter storm with wind gusts of up to 80 mph was moving toward the heart of the country and threatened to cover a large portion of it in feet of snow. Blizzard or winter storm warnings or watches affected about 15 million people in over a dozen states.The National Weather Service predicted that the system will then stall across the central Plains until Thursday, bringing with it several days of heavy snowfall, blowing snow, and even blizzard conditions, as well as freezing rain that would stretch into the Upper Midwest. Flooding, tornadoes, and strong thunderstorms are all conceivable in the South.

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