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PM Modi To Land In USA At 11: 30 PM Tonight & Kick Start His Visit With Yoga Day Celebration

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Prime Minister Modi has left for his important tour of America. While this is Modi’s first visit since 2014, it is his first state visit, the highest-ranked visit according to diplomatic protocol and reserved, military and strategic aides. The Prime Minister will land in New York today, 20 June 2023, at 11:30 pm Indian Standard Time. He will begin his visit with Yoga Day celebrations at the UN Headquarters. US President Biden.
Red carpet will be spread for Prime Minister Modi with 21 gun salute and state dinner. The excitement is palpable in New York City and Washington DC ahead of the Prime Minister’s visits, especially among the Indian diaspora. Members of the Indian American community will be at the Willard Hotel in New York to welcome the Prime Minister and interact with the Indian diaspora.

There is also a plan in DC. The importance of this historic visit is immense. From GE414 fighter jet engine to Guardian drone watch, 3 aspects of high end technology that are very important, trade and big defense deals are on the cards. One, you’ll really see that personal chemistry reflected in many interactions.The visit will probably represent the maximum number of interactions between a Prime Minister and the President of the United States of America.

It will also be very clearly visible that we are witnessing a historic visit to the United States of America by the Indian Prime Minister, the Honorable Mr. Narendra Modi. And we welcome them to the United States of America. We look forward to being hosted by the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, at the White House on June 22, 2023.

I have met Prime Minister Modi in New Delhi a few months ago and after our meeting I got a deep impression, a man of vision, a man of strategic thinking, a man with a very deep tradition, brought with him a very deep thing. Nation’s tradition.

And a clear vision of where modern India should look. And it gives me great pleasure to greet him. And I just want to welcome Prime Minister Modi. Thank you for your connection with our country. We love India. We love the partnership we have with them. And the population of people from India living in my district is a wonderful addition to our culture, our economy. We appreciate you very much. Hope you have a great time. Thank you. More than 150,000 Indians live in Georgia, and a large percentage of them live on the north side of Atlanta. In fact, in the district that I represent, the population of the Indian community is around 15%. Over the years, I have made many good friends in the Indian community as a member of the Georgia House of Representatives Higher Education Committee. I am happy to say that there are over 6000 Indians enrolled in universities and technical schools in Georgia.

And in March, I was proud to present this resolution and the Georgia General Assembly, in recognition of the Indian community in Georgia and its many contributions to our state’s economy, education system and culture. I hope you had a wonderful and productive visit and I am committed to playing my part in maintaining the excellent relations between our two great countries. I would like to welcome Prime Minister Modi to the United States of America, this is his second visit.

Welcome to the United States of America, where we continue to work hard to build a good working relationship with India. United States and India. Mr. Prime Minister, welcome back to America. The state visit is a moment of significant historical importance. The United States and India’s shared values of democracy and the rule of law provide a great foundation for our cooperation. I am proud to represent Exxon Mobil in India.

We have decades of history in providing innovative energy and product solutions to meet the needs of the Indian people. The choices India makes today in energy security, IT and other matters are critical to the direction of the United States and our planet. Prime Minister Modi, your presence here is a testament to the enduring friendship and cooperation between our two great nations.

On behalf of the residents of Tampa and Hillsborough County, I extend a warm and gracious welcome to you. Under your leadership, India has made remarkable achievements demonstrating its immense potential in various fields. Your country’s achievements are a testament to the hard work, resilience and spirit of its people as Councilor of a diverse community in Tampa.
I am proud to acknowledge the striking similarities between our two democracies. The United States and India share a deep respect for individual liberty, equality, and the pursuit of happiness.