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Terrifying Shark Encounter in Egypt Results in Fatalities for Russian Swimmer.

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Big breaking news. Russian man dies after being attacked by tiger shark near Hurghada near 46 miles of beach, Egyptian Red Sea resort officials say. Egyptian and Russian officials have said a Russian man has died after being attacked by a shark at one of Egypt’s Red Sea resorts. Egypt’s environment ministry said the man died after being attacked on Thursday.

A tiger shark in the water near the city of Khuragda. Authorities closed a 46-mile, 74-kilometer stretch of the beach, announcing it would remain in limbo until Sunday.

The ministry later said it had captured the shark and was examining it in a laboratory to determine the cause of the rare attack. A video is circulating online and video of the purported attack has gone viral on social media, showing a man circling in the water, being repeatedly attacked by a shark circling around him Yes, then it is being pulled down. Shark attacks are rare in the coastal areas of the Red Sea.

However, in 2022, two women, one Australian and one Romanian, were killed within days of each other in Sarg attacks in Hurghada.

A driver who arrived at the scene shortly after the attack said people rushed to help the victim after a lifeguard at a nearby hotel raised the alarm. But we could not reach him in time. The victim was not a tourist but a permanent resident of the War Up reserve, I told the news agency. Hence further investigation is on. So guys, what do you think about such an event?

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