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The 3 people Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to impeach: Here’s why she wants to oust Biden, others

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President Joe Biden and four important members of his administration have been the targets of claims. These accusations included “willful failure to protect our fatherland” and “misusing the Justice Department for personal gain”.

The process of presenting formal charges against a public person is known as impeachment, and the Senate then hears the charges.

Increasing pressure on former President Donald Trump’s legal issues is reflected in the Georgia Republican’s push for impeachment. Trump, who twice came close to being removed from office but was cleared by the Senate both times, is currently the subject of a federal investigation into the handling of problematic papers and the New York hawala inquiry.

Additionally, he is the subject of other ongoing investigations, such as specialized inquiries into his commercial operations, personal finances, and the behavior of his subordinates. Numerous parts of his personal and professional life are being revealed by all these inquiries, and in many cases, he is being charged. Therefore, it appears that Joe Biden’s supporters are trying to draw attention away from his own legal issues by calling for the impeachment of the vice president and his staff.

President Joe Biden

On May 18, Green filed articles of impeachment against Biden, claiming that he had engaged in “high crimes and misdemeanors” in connection with his stance on immigration. He has put out articles of impeachment against the president six times, but none of them have been successful.

Biden, according to Green, “intentionally compromised our national security” by neglecting to secure the southern border. She attributed Biden’s “cancellation” of Trump’s border wall extension to the opioid epidemic and illegal immigration.

The White House promptly blasted Greene as “one of the most extreme MAGA members” in Congress and his effort at impeachment as a “shameless political stunt”.

This week, I have chosen solemnly and solemnly to exercise the powers conferred by the Founders and issue a check against what the Biden administration thinks are our own superior powers. This is something I do not take lightly. On Tuesday, I presented articles of impeachment against the US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Matthew Grace.

Mr. Graves has relinquished his duty as Chief Prosecutor for Washington D.C. He is in a unique position of top law enforcement official for both federal and local crimes. But he is refusing to do his work. Under his watch, 67% of arrests have gone without trial. Many of these are violent crimes where the victims are left wondering, where has the justice gone?

No wonder he is ignoring these acts destroying the lives of the residents of our nation’s capital as he is completely focused on the three-hour incident that took place on January 6, 2021. He possibly can, including non-violent peaceful protesters. Graves is refusing to do his job. He should be impeached.

The Reds have used Soviet cell tactics and have been targeting average Americans and slapping threat tags on everyone from pro-life groups to traditional Catholics. He even sent armed agents to the home of President Donald Trump, the current frontrunner in the Republican presidential race, in a politically motivated raid to influence the upcoming election, while shielding all sitting Democratic presidents. Were.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Announces Articles

Yesterday morning I introduced articles of impeachment against Attorney General Merrick Garland. Ever since Merrick Garland took over as Attorney General, he has completely weaponized the Justice Department at this point.

Under his control, it has become the Department of Injustice. The politicization of the DOJ has resulted in harassment of the Left, political enemies, and the A2 level justice system. Garland is using the FBI as a private police force for his boss, Joe Biden. They have started investigating everyone from parents protesting to their local school boards.

For former and future President Donald Trump, this is nothing less than election interference. There is no limit to their corruption. While Antifa and BLM terrorists have caused billions of dollars of property damage and taken lives, Garland instead persecutes Americans who engaged in legitimate political protest, people who were overwhelmingly nonviolent.

Many of them just walk through the capitol. There is only one remedy for Garland’s total politicization and perversion of the American justice system, impeachment. Yesterday, I also introduced articles of impeachment against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Since taking office, Secretary Mayorkas has aided and abetted the all-out offensive.

By intentionally flooding our country with drugs, terrorists and illegal aliens, Mayorkas has allowed approximately 6 million illegal border encounters and 1.4 million known escapes. But how many others don’t we know about? It has deliberately diverted resources away from our borders. Stop building boundary wall.

Alejandro Mayorkas

The title of today’s hearing is The Border Crisis Is the Law Being Faithfully Executed. Unfortunately, the answer to any objective measurement or metric is a resounding no. I understand the difficulty and complexity of running the Department of Homeland Security, so I do not say this lightly.

The US Constitution requires the administration to take care to faithfully enforce immigration and border protection laws. end quote. It is clear to me and to millions of Americans that the Biden administration has failed to do this. Today’s border security system is unrecognizable from the America First policies of the Trump administration or even what it was during the administrations of Presidents Clinton, Bush, or Obama. In all frankness, the Biden administration is the first of any political party.

Taking deliberate steps to reduce security at our southern border. Therefore, I am of the opinion that new leadership is needed in the department. On the contrary, under President Trump, the department established the most secure southern border I have seen in my lifetime by building the most advanced border wall system, making historic diplomatic agreements with nations, and putting in place across the board. Policies preventing illegal immigration disrupted the Mexican cartels.

Discourage the lethal flow of fentanyl and enforce the laws enacted by Congress. I think the results are clear. During the Trump administration, fraudulent asylum claims declined. who deserve humanitarian relief. Lives were increasingly saved as migrants stopped taking that dangerous journey n when they realized they would not be allowed and released into American communities. In stark contrast, today we see a borderline in not just chaos but crisis because of the Biden administration.

All proven policies, recommendations and concerns have been overstated by career Border Patrol experts, and political correctness and rank ideology have complemented common sense and adherence to our immigration laws. To be clear, these laws did not change between the Trump administration and the Biden administration, it just decided not to follow those laws. He has pursued destructive and illegal policies that have endangered American communities and enriched Mexican drug cartels.

Here are some examples of catch and release around the country. The Biden administration has decided to deliberately ignore its legal mandate to detain illegal aliens or make them wait in Mexico during their immigration court proceedings, and a federal district judge has struck down the practice. DHS was then unable to rapidly process the volume of illegal aliens under this catch and release scheme, so it resorted to issuing notices to report. These are essentially a respected system document asking illegal aliens.

To report themselves to the local ICE office when they arrive at their final destination. Again, the courts have stayed the implementation of this practice. Next up, an actual apology. Earlier in the day, the Biden administration issued a 100-day deportation freeze on all illegal aliens, including those with criminal convictions. Let me say that again, that includes people with criminal convictions. Again, a federal judge has stayed the cancellation of this internal enforcement.

Another real apology from this administration is when the DHS Secretary’s enforcement priorities exempt 99% of illegal aliens from risk of deportation, including the announcement that being here illegally is no longer grounds for removal. But perhaps the most egregious example of violating the law is the illegal use of parole authority. INA could not be clarified.

Parole is a remarkably narrow authority and is granted only on a case by case basis, with many outlawing graded parole programs whether or not the department has implemented new safe or legal avenues. But the diversion of illegal aliens from ports of entry to ports of entry makes it very clear that the current administration is lying to the American people about the seriousness of the problem. So here is the reality.

The massive catch-and-release policy has resulted in over 4.5 million illegal aliens. million illegal aliens, including 1.5 million, are being allowed into American communities. It has a larger population than all major US cities except New York City. More than 200 known or suspected terrorists have been apprehended at the southern border in the last two years alone, compared to 11:00 p.m. during the four years of the Trump administration. The border is effectively controlled by the Mexican cartels that crave it.

These open border policies to further their business model and during the journey more migrants have been found dead in the desert or drowned in the river.

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