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Winter storm leaves at least 37 dead nationwide as residents in western New York remain trapped under feet of snow

Parts of western New York have received up to 43 inches of snow, trapping thousands of vehicles and knocking out power over the Christmas holiday. A big winter storm is still battering much of the US, causing at least 37 deaths worldwide.

The storm is the “most damaging storm in Buffalo’s rich and storied history,” New York Governor Kathy Hochul told CNN. By Sunday night, 17 people had died across the state as a result of the heavy snowfall and blizzard conditions, which rendered highways inaccessible with no visibility, froze power substations, and rendered roadways unusable with zero visibility.

Just one month after the area was pummelling by a massive snowstorm, Western New York is drowning in thick “lake effect” snow, which accumulates when cold air flows over the warm waters of the Great Lakes.

Even the emergency and recovery trucks sent out to assist have become stranded in the snow as rescue teams and hundreds of plough drivers fanned out on Christmas Day. On Sunday, eleven abandoned ambulances were discovered, according to officials.

The rescue crew was saving other rescuers. Buffalo’s county executive, Mark Poloncarz, said at a press conference on Sunday that it was “very awful.” In Erie County, where several people were discovered dead in automobiles and on the street in snowbanks, many of New York’s weather-related fatalities occurred, he said.

According to a Buffalo Police statement, “people found outside and in cars” were the cause of recorded deaths in Buffalo.

Numerous National Guard members have been sent to New York to assist in rescue operations. According to the governor, state police had assisted in over 500 rescues by Sunday, including assisting a man whose artificial heart had 4% remaining and delivering a baby.

Driving is still prohibited in Erie County through Monday because “we’re still in the middle of this very dangerous life-threatening situation,” Hochul said.

On December 25, 2022, a man shovels snow off the front of his house in Buffalo, New York. – Associated PressIn order to clear the roads, “our state and county ploughs have been out there, constantly, giving up time and putting themselves in danger,” Hochul added.

About 500 drivers were left stuck in their cars Friday night into Saturday morning as a scorching blizzard blasted the area, according to Poloncarz, who described terrifying conditions on the roads.

“Imagine staring at a white sheet several feet in front of you for more than a day straight. In the worst weather, it was like that outside, he said. “There were continuous blizzards and whiteouts, making it impossible for anyone to see where they were going. Nobody understood what was going on.

While hundreds of cars are still parked along Buffalo’s streets and abandoned vehicles litter the snow-covered roads, conditions inside residences are similarly poor.

According to Hochul, during the news conference, some inhabitants had been in their houses for the past 56 hours, some without power in the bitter cold. The governor claimed that this was not a result of a lack of resources but rather a problem with utility providers’ mobility and access.

Buffalo, New York, December 25, 2022: A neighbourhood is covered in snow. – Carolyn Thompson/AP

According to Hochul, as of Sunday night, 94.5% of Erie County residents and 87% of Buffalo residents had their electricity restored.

Nevertheless, 12,000 homes and businesses were without power in Erie County as of Sunday evening, and many won’t have lights and heating until Tuesday, according to Poloncarz.

According to the National Weather Service, Buffalo will continue to experience snowfall and bitterly cold temperatures on Monday, with a high of 23 degrees forecast during the day and a low of 21 degrees at night.

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